Halloween (2018) opens October 19th…Finally getting the sequel it deserves.

Written by comedy duo David Gordon Green And Danny McBride who have talked about bringing it back had some very serious intentions to give it the respect it deserves.

Make no mistake. This goes back to its’ roots. Simple and terrifying. Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her role as Laurie Strode. ‘The Shape’, Michael Myers is played by the original David Gordon Green, AND John Carpenter was so blown away by the script, he came on as an Executive Producer.

Package that up and you’ve got the tone of the original. For Halloween enthusiasts, this will satisfy.

What this film says is this: Forget every sequel you’ve seen since the first Halloween. Everything after Michael falls off the balcony and disappears never happened. It picks up from there. Right there.

Halloween Laurie Strode

Danny McBride says “At the end of the day you’re dealing with a masked man who kills people and it’s crazy to see all the different sequels and what people tried to do, what might have been lost from the original in hopes of creating more story. So we’re just trying to learn from that, and I feel what happened with Michael Myers, unfortunately, is in those later sequels… he became this superhuman—nothing could really kill him. That doesn’t make him scary anymore. For us, we look at it, and it’s much scarier to just have that man who is hiding in the shadows as you’re taking the trash out to the backyard.”

Why post this on The Sundance Experience page? Because at the time, Halloween embodied true independent filmmaking. An extremely low budget, an extremely short amount of time to get it done, and a director in John Carpenter – The Master of Horror that simply wanted the freedom to make a film from his vision in his head, not someone else’s. Simple. Terrifying. Real.

Halloween 2018 Michael Myers John Carpenter Jamie Lee Curtis

Happy Halloween! 40 years later.


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