Well, I went in looking for great things from Beatriz at Dinner. Unfortunately, I came out VERY disappointed. The production quality was good enough and the sound was crisp – something you come to expect from a film loaded with stars like this one.

The film stayed away from the stereotypical Hollywood characterizations of the rich in the beginning, but unfortunately fell right back into it as time rolled on. The big house, the multiple security gates, the stuffy conversations about getting richer, and the mistaking Beatriz for one of the ‘help’ at the house.

Without spoiling the ending of a film you’ll wish you only spent $1.25 on at Redbox, I can tell you this. When the credits rolled, I knew one thing and I knew nothing.

I knew Connie Britton was the only true non-stereotype in the film, bringing some goodness to an otherwise selfish cast of characters and John Lithgow played one hell of a rich asshole that kills rhinos.

What I didn’t know is what in the hell happened with the ending of this film. As the credits rolled, I looked into the abyss searching for something I missed, but alas, the ending was without hope.

So, I stayed around for the Q&A after the film and was even more dumb-founded when the audience was asking questions and Salma Hayek was going on and on, not making sense, and not answering the questions. John Lithgow was entertaining as was Connie Britton, but after someone asked Salma another question and she continued to ramble on about how she loves diving and it’s the only place she feels safe (underwater breathing barely any oxygen), it was time to leave.

Where’s the beef?



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