With streaming giants Netflix and Amazon Prime coming into play this year at the @SundanceFest, studios had to come to play if they meant business. And as you know, you have to pay to play.

Films that don’t get purchased with large distribution deals often will never see the light of day at the local movieplex. However, premium cable networks like @HBO have declared war on streaming sensations @Netflix and @Amazon.

However, with worldwide distribution on the net, it’s hard to argue that it’s not a great deal for filmmakers who really love their craft and just want to get their films in front of as many viewers as possible.

Here is a short list of many of the deals made @Sundance2016 this year:

Birth of a Nation – Fox Searchlight $17.5M

Equity – Sony Pictures (pre-festival deal)

Manchester by The Sea – Amazon $10M

The Fundamentals of Caring – Netflix $7M

Tallulah – Netflix $5M (pre-festival deal)

Indignation – Summit Entertainment $2.5M

The Intervention – Paramount Pictures $2.5M

Complete Unknown – Amazon $2M

Hunt for the Wilderpeople – The Orchard $2M + theatrical release

Wiener-Dog – Amazon (low 7 figure deal)

Author: The JT Leroy Story – Amazon $1M

Love and Friendship – Amazon (streaming rights) + deal with Roadside Attractions deal to provide theatrical release

Eat That Question – Sony Pictures Classics (undisclosed)

Morris From America – A24 (undisclosed)

Under the Shadow – Netflix (undisclosed)

Audrey and Daisy – Netflix (undisclosed)

Resilience – Brainstorm Media (pre-festival deal + undisclosed)

Sandstorm – Beta Cinema (pre-festival deal + undisclosed)

The Fits – Oscilloscope Laboratories (pre-festival deal + undisclosed)

Even though Amazon and Netflix came to the table with hoards of cash, some filmmakers wanted to have it their way. Manchester by the Sea was reportedly offered $20M by Netflix, but the offer was declined because the filmmakers didn’t want the film released to theaters and streaming at the same time.

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