A lot of changes on the strip this year means people trying new ways to express themselves. New edgy shops, fun shops, and downright trendy shops. Take a look at some of the new appearances at the Sundance Film Festival!


Fur was predominant in many shops. Though the latest looks were mostly fun and sometimes beautiful to look at, I was disturbed by the increase in the use of real fur from many different kinds of animals (rabbit, beaver, alpaca, cow, and others), not to mention the fact that it was talked about so nonchalantly.

The fake fur pulls off the same effect and can be used in fun ways.

The gentleman in the “Sully” jacket as I liked to call it asked me if he had to look up after I asked permission. When I told him I didn’t want him to, I didn’t quite get the reaction I was hoping for!

Accessories are not only hand made locally, but can be equally gorgeous! A furry backpack might normally provoke a wtf, but here at Sundance, it could project a let loose playfulness and come off as confidence.

Incidentally, keep an eye out for my fave volunteer from last year with the furry boots and the giant Elvis sunglasses!!


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