Had a great lunch at Cafe Terigo today! I thought I started the meal out right with a hot buttered rum toddy followed by an amazing cheese-less 1/2 pound burger with fries. But no, that wasn’t good enough. I had to eat it at the table next to Viggo Mortensen with cast and crew members from the film Captain Fantastic here at the Sundance Film Festival! Since it’s really not cool to stick a camera in somebody’s face while they’re eating lunch, I settled for a picture of him standing outside taking a ‘break’ in the snow.

Apparently, we weren’t done with Viggo. We were supposed to get in to see Sting, however, we got left standing in the snow and we didn’t make the cut. So, we waitlisted Captain Fantastic and, as fate would have it, we got #2 and #3!

The film was introduced by Sundance Film Festival Director John Cooper who introduced the Director/Writer Matt Ross, a very humble and gracious man. This was Matt Ross’ 3rd film at Sundance.

Viggo plays a father devoted to raising his six kids in the forests of the Pacific Northwest with a rigorous physical and intellectual education. When he’s forced to leave his paradise and enter the world, it challenges his idea of what it means to be a parent.

This film was so well cast, the film moves along with clever transitions from one scene to the next, keeping the story moving along. Viggo displays such a vast range of emotions in this film, sometimes relaying those emotions with only displays of facial transgressions and responses. The rest of the cast was completely believable in every way – no overacting which is usually the signature of most child actors not ready for showtime.


(L to R) Viggo Mortensen, Steve Zahn, Kathryn Hahn, Missi Pyle, Frank Langella


The story was original and cinematography sometimes breathtaking. I felt I had not seen this story told before – challenging what we deem as ‘normal’ with raising children and what we deem is ‘safe’ for them. It raises questions as to whether technology is really improving our lives our ‘dumbing’ us down.

The film may end up being a favorite this year at the festival if the 1600 people giving it a standing ovation is a good indicator. Perhaps Director Matt Ross said it best when he took the stage to intro his film tonight. With all of the corporate machines driving what gets made in film today, Sundance is fairy dust. A must see!

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