Well, here it is 1:20am and I’m ready to crash. Hard. To the airport at 6:30am and then it’s off to Park City for a week of visual and audible stimulation. For those of you wondering why, it’s many things.

The #Sundance Film Festival is many things. The setting is a beautiful, peaceful setting in an old town surrounded by soft pillowy mountains covered in snow. The visual and audible stimulation is escape.

With activity buzzing around you on the streets, it’s hard to think of anything else than what is in front of you. And from the inside, you’ll see films from all over the world which provide us with a different perspective than what we are typically exposed to when watching the Regal and Century Cinema film varieties.

@SundanceFest is great food and drinks and the community you share it with. Grabbing Chipotle chicken tacos at the little local taqueria can result in a sit down with an entire cast and crew members of a film from Nigeria, where a young man left his job as a fisherman for a while to become a gun toting star on a 50 foot screen; a hero among his people at home. The food isn’t bad either!

People wear the craziest things and say the craziest shit. Standing in line with other film watchers is a hoot. Everyone’s a critic. And that’s not a bad thing. That, is the conversation starter! We’re all there for the same thing. To watch films, discuss them, learn about them, be introduced to the filmmakers and discover why they told the story they told. It’s a really good time!

Up in a few hours. See you tomorrow Bobby!





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