What It’s Like to be Uber Jacked!

Hey Everyone!

I’m not talking about the car company (although we’re pleased you’re onboard at Sundance this year @Uber_Sundance)!  I’m talking about an even better ride. The ride to the Sundance Film Festival with me!

We’re going to start much earlier this year. We’re more experienced, more connected, and more excited than most! Of course there are those out there that could be more excited than you and I. Like those Sundance Film Festival films and filmmakers from last year that are getting their due with nominations at the Independent Film Awards and with some Oscar buzz!!

If you don’t know by now, here are the dates!

Sundance Film Festival 2016

Sundance Film Festival 2016 Artwork and Logo

Fortunately, we were on top of our game and got out of the gate early securing our flights and home away from home right in the middle of the action in downtown Park City!

Alas, there had to be a hiccup. There is always a hiccup, isn’t there?! But we’ll overcome! Determined to get you even closer to the action this year than last, we can sleep when we die! Day and night, I’m all yours!

I’ll regale you with more stories from last year, some shocking and some very entertaining and maybe even cute. Hey! We can do cute! What’s going on with those films from last year, where you can see them, and how you can be more involved this year if you’re planning on going! And of course, what and who is coming your way!

Buckle up!

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