I went into this film having heard a lot of good buzz about it, knowing only that is was a film about a single father coming to terms with life after divorce with his two daughters. Something I have lived through. I was excited to see someone else’s perspective about the topic. It’s not often a topic shown from this point of view.

There were so many good things happening with this film. From the opening titles telling a story through hand drawn pictures, a theme carried on throughout the film to transition us from one time to another (the primary character is a graphic artist), to the rapid-fire comedic observances of everyday life…the timing couldn’t have been more perfect!

Sundance 2015 People Places ThingsThe comedic writing was so on fire, that sometimes I missed dialogue because the crowd was laughing so hard – including me.

The film couldn’t have been cast any better than it was.  Add this to your must see list.  It’s not often that a film with this kind of crispness comes along.  It knew what it was supposed to be thanks to the direction by Writer/Director James C. Strouse was remarkable.  I could only wish to put together a film that sends people away feeling this good.

The film plays out as real as it gets.  I know.  I’ve been there.  But it somehow finds the poetry of it all – life’s dance.


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