The Prep – Part I

There’s a lot of prep to do before going to a film festival.  It’s not like any other vacation.  Like grandpa once said…

The Lost Boys, Sundance Film Festival

My first foray into the Sundance Film Festival wasn’t bad because I’m pretty good at feeling my way around in the dark.  You go in knowing there will be a lot to do, but don’t realize exactly how much there is to do at a film festival this size.

Sundance Film Festival spreads out across several cities, the majority of it exists in Park City and a couple of surrounding suburbs though.  Park City is actually converted for the week – meaning that some businesses give up their spots to sponsors and media for the length of the festival.  It is only at the end of the festival when they start putting all of their inventory and furniture back in place that you realize it used to be a restaurant or a retail store.  It’s quite a phenomenon.  One that some residents don’t like because of the side effects of tourism that it brings into the area and some see as a Godsend because of the influx of revenues it brings to the area.

There are certain things that I’ve learned are important when you go to Sundance.  Things you think you planned for.  Like staying warm.  Don’t under-estimate the importance of undergarments and layering.  Yes, we saw a girl in a mini-skirt and high heels with a sheer, short-sleeved blouse standing next to her fully-clothed and jacketed boyfriend at one of the bus stops.  Andre Agassi said ‘image is everything’.  What do I know?  If someone wants to see my legs, they can jump in the hot tub with me!

Sundance Film Festival, Snow Shoes

When they say snow shoes, this is not what they’re referring to!

When I’m out on the streets of Park City, I’m wearing thermal pants underneath my jeans, a long sleeved shirt underneath a well-lined jacket, and always bring head gear!  They do keep the theaters warm so you can peel off the layers when you get inside.

Even if you’re only rolling in for a few days, this is no time to skimp on the suitcases. Bring what you need.  There’s nothing worse than coming up short(s). Besides, rolling in with a lot of them just makes you look like a player!

If you forget something or feel like you’re just not meeting festival fashion standards, don’t worry.  Park City has a lot of apparel shops and they’re actually pretty nice.  They carry cutting edge fashions and then some.

Sundance Film Festival - Fashion

Oh, it’s real.

Yes, that just happened.  Don’t worry ladies.  They have faux fur brassieres and bikini bottoms for you too!


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