I’ve been asked a lot if I get bored at the festival after being there for 8 days. The truth is, even though I don’t sleep very much (average about 5 hours/day), after 8 days, I’m still revved up. There is literally so much to see, to do, to experience.

This year will be a bit more challenging for me since I’ll be adding you to my agenda! Here’s a sampling of what I’ll cover while I’m there:

  • World Premieres – First time showings of films, never before shown. Often sold out and packed with cast and crew members, you can often feel electricity.
  • Celebrity Sightings – I’ll get close and if possible, I will talk to them and get the close-up. I’m not shy.
  • Sights – Park City and the surrounding areas are so gorgeous at this time of the year. Often breathtaking and always cold, the beauty is sometimes lost in the details.
  • Sounds – The music scene is loaded with bands from all over the world and with sponsors like ASCAP and HP there is always a surprise or two, like last years impromptu 50 minute set by Matisyahu.
  • Food – It’s what keeps you awake at Sundance. Sometimes it’s a quick pot pie on the run or sometimes it’s a freshly authentic Peruvian dish you share with cast and crew of an independent film out of West Africa. A party in your mouth!
  • Fashion – It wouldn’t be Sundance if you didn’t see the latest winter fashion, extravagant jewelry, and some of the most obscenely loud clothing that captures your attention!

Of course, there are the numerous films. Some appropriately hyped, long awaited, disappointments. Last year, I saw 27 in a week. My reviews may not be extensive, but they will be honest. Even if the truth is brutal, it can be funny.

Film is an expression of emotion, of someone’s truth, of secrets and lies. It can be depressing, uplifting, moving. Days later, it can still be invading your conscious, making you re-think the way you thought or felt about something.  It may not satisfy you all of the time, but it is always someone’s vision, someone’s journey – and sometimes it can change you permanently.


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